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Celebration Treats

... treats to perfect YOUR occasion

Anniversary, Birthday, Baby Shower, Children's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Teacher's Day, Christmas, Get-together Gathering, School Event, Company Lunch, Wedding Reception, House Warming, Chinese New Year

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"I ordered Princess cupcakes for my daughter, Regine's birthday. Your beautiful cupcakes made a great centrepiece at the buffet table. Both the kids and adults love it. I should have ordered more. Thank you for the great cupcakes!"

Mrs Goh

"Your chocolate chip cookies are great! Chewy and chocolatey! I'm glad that I've ordered packs of chocolate chip cookies for my son's birthday party packs. All the children love them! Great job! Will definitely recommend your service to my friends!"

Mrs Jennifer Teo

"My guests are very impressed and delighted with your beautifully customised cookies for my baby's shower. So cute and taste great! Thanks."

Ms Cherie Tay

"My guests and family enjoy eating your delicious Almond Cookies so much that we finished the whole container in just half a day! They just melt in your mouth one by one.. This is a must have for Chinese New Year!"

Mrs Amelia Goh

"I'm don't really fancy coconut but once I started eating the Coconut Crisps, I can't stop! It's so addictive!"

Mdm Elisabeth

"Thank you for making the 80 cupcakes for our event. Everybody loved the cupcakes and we simply loved your sweet and simple design to match our event."

Ms Stella

"Your cupcakes definitely made an attractive centre piece to my daughter's party. All the mummies asked me where did I order the cupcakes. I'm very impressed not only with your cupcakes but also with your service. I'm very sure that with your great personalised service, your business will flourish even more."

Ms Lerina Teo

"Thank you for rushing my 60 cupcakes for the kids in such a short notice. The kids and teachers were delighted with the cupcakes as they are not only delicious but also very pretty to look at."

Mdm Tracy Wong

"All of us think that your cupcakes are awesome! Beautiful design, great taste! At first we would thought that it will be quite sweet, but the sugar level is just nice. In all, we are very satisfied with it. Thanks a lot!"

Miss Ying Xian

"Thank you for the wonderful cupcakes. They were simply beautiful and managed to capture the essence of my friend's character. Everything was so beautiful but I must commend you on your tigers. They were very well done! They tasted wonderful too! Not too sweet, the perfect level of it. Now I'm looking for other reasons to order from you!"

Miss Sharmila

"Your baby shower cupcakes so well liked. All my friends love them, they are so cute. The cupcakes are not too sweet, just nice. Thank you for your wonderful creation!"

Miss Angela

"Thank you for your great effort to transpose my ideal picture onto the cupcakes. Great job!"

Miss Peifen

"I wanted to thank you for the great job on the cupcakes and cookies. Everyone oohed and ahhed over your creations and can't stop taking pictures of them. Even my husband who is generally unfazed about everything and doesn't have a sweet tooth was amazed at the detail in the fondant cupcakes and loved the vanilla cookies. Thanks again!"

Miss Bijun Chan

"Your cupcakes looks great and taste very nice! Moist and not too sweet. It's really much more edible than those fancy commercial ones that I've eaten. Thanks."

Miss Jacquelyn

"Thanks my dear. My son and his classmates enjoy your cupcakes very much and even the teachers love the cupcakes too! They even ask me for your contact so that they can order from you in future too!"

Ms Michelle Neo

"Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for the cupcakes. They are simply gorgeous and taste great too!"

Miss Reena

"Hi, thanks for the baby shower cupcakes for my son. My family and guests all like them very much. They said that not only they cupcakes looks cute, they were tasty too!"

Ms Evirna

"Hi, the cookies are great! Thanks a lot! Will definitely recommend to my friends."

Miss Vanessa

"Hey my boyfriend love your billard cupcakes. It taste really good too! Thanks."

Miss Syafiqah

"Everyone commented that your cupcakes not only look so beautiful but tasted really nice too! It was not too sweet! My friends said that most of the cupcakes they've eaten were very sweet and "jelak" but not yours. It was fantastic!!! Thank you."

Mdm Pauline Leong

"Thank you for your lovely and tasty cupcakes. Everyone says and feel that they are too lovely to be eaten. I've also given your contact to my friends who are interested. Thanks!"

Ms Maggie Liew

"Many thanks! We are happy with the order. They look great! Will definitely contact you again in future. Thanks again!"

Ms Karen Zeng (Hong Kong)

"Hey! Thanks! The baby shower cookies are super cute!"

Ms Audrey

"Hi, thank you so much for the effort. I really appreciate you for accomodating my special designs."

Ms Peifen

"Thanks for your service. the cupcake were nice... not too sweet or dry. I will definitely order from you again for other occasion.

Ms Charon

"Hi, thanks for creating the beautiful cupcakes. Was very nice. Great job. Thank you very much!"

Ms Marian

"Thank you so much! My son loves the cupcakes so much. They're colourful and taste delicious too! I'll definitely recommend to my friends."

Ms Yulia

"Thank you for the beautiful 2-tier princess cake. The taste is just right, not too sweet. I just love the layer of crunchy chocolate pearls embedded within the cake. Will definitely order from you again."


"Thank you for the fantastic job!! My boyfriend and his colleagues have been asking where did I get these cupcakes! And my boyfriend loves it! Thank you very much! Will definitely look for you again. You're just amazing!"

Ms Tessa

"We want to say a Big Thank You to you for the lovely cupcakes. They are so pretty and nice. We can't even bear to eat them. My guests love them too, especially the bride and the bridegroom figurine cupcakes. They are being snatched up like hotcakes... hee...hee...
Once again, thank you very much. Will definitely look you up again for my next cake order. Cheers!"

Michael & Doreen

"Everyone was very impressed with the cupcakes! They also tasted delicious. Will certainly order again from you for future birthday parties. Thank you!"

Ms Daniella

"Everybody oohed and aahed over the cupcakes. They were so so wonderful. It was seriously the centre of attaction. My sister was so awed by it!! Thank you so much. I can't tell you how much your cupcakes make this celebration event so significant. Everybody had no heart to eat it. Thanks a lot! God bless you!" - Graduation Theme

Ms Sharmila (2nd order)

"Hi, just wanna thank you for the cake and cupcakes set! I love them! It was lovely and it's exactly what I wanted! All my guests said the cupcake design was so pretty and fighting over which deisgn to eat."

Ms Evirna(2nd order)

"Hello, just wanted to say thank you for the cupcakes. They were excellent. Keep it up!"

Ms Naima

"Hi, thank you very much. The cupcakes are so lovely, my daughter love it! Her classmates love the cupcakes too. I love it oo especially the chocolate ones. One teachter even asked me for your contact :). Thank you once again."

Ms Ange Tay

"Many thanks for the ballerina cupcakes. They were delicious with just the right amount of everything. I've just transferred the deposit for my next order. See you again!"

Ms Karen

"Hey, thank you so much for the cupcakes. They are awesome! Will definitely order from you again :) Thank you once again!"

Ms Jerine

"Hi, have returned the cake stand to your home. Just like to let you know that the kids enjoyed the cupcakes and some even asked for more! Thanks for making this happen! It's a pity that your schedule is already fully booked for November."

Ms Vanessa

"Hi, thanks for the wonderful cupcakes! It was a great success and everyone exclaimed that it was really pretty and cute. I had to 'beg' my guests to eat as they all felt it was really a shame to be eating them."

Ms Denise Teo

"Hi, a big thank you for your cupcakes! We and our guests are impressed over the beautiful artwork. Your cupcakes have become the highlights of our event. As a kind guesture, we attached some shots taken for your keep and portfolio. Wish you good business to come! We look forward to work with you again!"

Ms Fion and Mr Coffee

"Hi, just like to let you know that we received many good comments on your cupcakes. We really appreciated your effort for making these cupcakes! Thank you!"

Ms Megan

"Hi, just wanna say thanks to your marvellous cupcakes creation and the kids loved them so much! The cupcakes were very delicious too and everone enjoyed eating them. Thanks for your personal service. Really appreciated greatly! Hope to order more cupcakes from you again! :D"

Ms Agnes

"Hi, just wanted to convey my sincere thanks and appreciation to you for your effort and beautiful work yesterday. The colours were great, the design was really nice. Many people were impressed and thought it was a unique idea and the cakes were nice and tasted good. Glad that I didn't make the wrong choice after all!
Would definitely look for you again for future events. Thanks so much and keep up the great work. All the best and more success in your baking journey."

Ms Lya

"Hi, thank you for your cupcakes. They taste really great! Not too sweet or buttery. Just right. and we simply love the chocolate chips mixed inside. Thank you!"

Ms Chia Ting Ting

"Hi, I just want to thank you for the beautiful 2-tier cake and cupcakes combo that you've designed for my Chloe's first birthday. They are all praises from my family and friends. Really lovely!"

Ms Amy Tan

"Thank you! We received many wows for the cake! Much appreciated!"

Ms XuanMin

"Thank you for the lovely cupcake!!! My guests enjoy a lot..."

Ms Han Nee

"Hi, just wanted to thank you for the lovely cupcakes. Everyone loved them and I had one and it was so yummy! Wish I had more! Will order from you again in future!"

Ms Stephanie




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